Supa Smooth & Remove Tools

Twin pack including 1 easy sealant removal tool
and 1 perfect seal application tool.
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Works on all types of sealant including Silicones, MS Polymers, Hybrid Polymers and more….

Supa-Removal Tool

The SupaFix sealant removal tool makes old sealant removal incredibly easy. The specially designed tool works in a way that effortlessly leaves a perfect, finish every time.

Utilizing a gouging technique the SupaFix sealant removal tool works by gouging out the sealant from the bottom of the joint, whilst stripping it from both surfaces leaving the area sealant free, ready for final cleaning and resealing.

Supa-Smooth Tool

The SupaFix sealant application tool makes resealing incredibly easy. The specifically designed tool works by evening out the bead of sealant leaving a smooth perfect finish every time.

Different sizes of sealant bead can be achieved by simply altering the angle it is used at.


Directions For Use

Supa-Removal Tool

Starting at one end, push directly into the body of the sealant so that the gouging piece is pushed fully through. Both scrapers on either side should now be flush with each of the side surfaces. Working away from your self, simply push the tool along the joint to remove the old sealant.

Supa-Smooth Tool

Apply new sealant to the joint. Hold the SupaSmooth tool at a 45° angle making contact with both sides of the flexible rubber blades. Drag along the bead towards you using minimal pressure only. By moving the handle upwards this will allow you to achieve a finer bead if required. By moving the handle down closer/flatter to the surface this will allow you to achieve a wider/larger bead. Wipe off any waste sealant from the tool after each use. If cured onto the rubber blades, simply peel off when dry.