290ml Cartridge Sealant & Adhesive

the latest in hybrid polymer adhesive technology.
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A highly advanced polymer formula allows SupaBond to succeed where others fail.

A specialist 3 in 1 formula means SupaBond can be used as a filler, sealant & adhesive.

SupaBond can be used in 3 applications:

SupaBond unlike traditional silicone, contains 0% VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) meaning it is a very environmentally safe product, but also makes it is guaranteed to:

As an adhesive the name SupaBond says it all in that it can bond up to 100kg in weight.

SupaBond can be used for bonding nearly all materials including:
Metals (All Metals), Wood (All Wood), Ceramics, Plastics, Lead, Ashfelt Roofing, Glass, Rubber, Stone, Concrete, Granite, Marble

SupaBond gives an instant grab when used as an adhesive allowing you to be able to bond items vertically without any concern. Once fully cured SupaBond gives an incredibly strong bond leaving a permanent fixing. SupaBond is fully cured within 24hrs of application.

SupaBond is the perfect adhesive for bonding the following:
Skirting Boards & Architraves & Coving, Bathroom (Including Toilet Roll Holder, Mirror, Tiles), Furniture, House Plaques/Numbers, Automotive (Trim, Door Cards), Roofing (Slates,Tiles), Fascias & Soffits.

As a sealant it will seal leaks even whilst the leak is in progress, there is no need to dry the area first.

Traditional silicone has the tendency to discolor and crack over time but SupaBond will always stay perfect white when used as a sealant, making it ideal for sealing bathroom appliances.

SupaBond can be applied in the wet and even underwater, making it the ultimate sealant.

SupaBond is the perfect sealant for sealing the following:
Showers, Baths & Sinks, Guttering, Swimming Pools, Ponds, Leaking pipework and more.

As a filler Supabond will stay permanently flexible, meaning it will not crack.

SupaBond is the perfect filler for filling the following:

• Cracks (Wall, Ceiling, Stairs, Floors, Coving)
• Holes (Wall, Ceiling, Stairs, Floors, Coving)

SupaBond can be spread over the cracked area and then painted over with any type of paint. (Including Water Based)

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